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Johnny Bottomsworth

The Boxers Are Brief//Boylesque [♂]

This is the greatest thing hipsters have ever done!

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Here I was deleting songs off my iPhone and not seeing any changes in the size of the audio section. Then I unchecked Sync Podcasts and voila! 3 gigabytes free! I mean, when you think about it, each episode is an hour or so long. Mike Rugnetta’s “Reasonably Sound” will probably be the only synced podcast.


I wrote a TV show.

So, I was actually pretty apprehensive to post about this because I’m a sensitive tulip when it comes to my writing. But I wrote the pilot episode for an original TV show, and it’s currently one of the many pilots being considered by Amazon Studios to be produced.
It would be an incredible help to me if you clicked HERE to see my pilot (Pilot Script 3) and give it 5 little stars. And hey, if you want to read the thing and tell me what you like and don’t like, that’s even better.

If it gets enough attention, they’ll actually make my thing.

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I ate kettle corn popcorn for lunch and NOW THERE’S A SHELL BETWEEN MY TEETH AND IT’S UNCOMFORTABLE, doesn’t hurt, BUT IT’S ANNOYING AS HELL! Someone come put me out of my minute misery.

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